Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015

Join us at the cutting edge of mobile money and wallet and meet the innovators driving the mobile revolution. Meet and network with key decision makers across the mobile money ecosystem. Strike up partnerships with leading companies, build on and create new revenue streams and learn the latest industry trends from experts.


We are delighted to welcome you to Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015. Now in its third year, the annual conference is packed with experts from the mobile ecosystem to discuss the hottest trends and topics. Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015 is the industry’s ‘must attend’ event of the year.  With mobile money, mobile payments economy’s phenomenal growth and adoption, it will quickly become the primary way to make transactions. From mobile commerce to mobile banking, mobile payment to mobile wallet – there has never been a more exciting or optimum time to scale or launch your mobile money initiative.

Mobile money is experiencing massive disruption driven by innovative new entrants, existing players, disruptive technology and tech savvy consumers. Join us on 17-18th March 2015 in London for the most important mobile money event of the year attracting attendees throughout Europe.

This summit is designed to bring you closer to the technologies and projects which are transforming mobile money, payment and wallet ecosystem on how they are completed and adopted. We bring together an action packed agenda including the latest case studies, expert business models, industry best practices, regulatory updates and many more from an expert speaker line up. From banks, payment processors, aggregators, technology providers, retailers, platform owners, mobile operators and many more, the summit will shed light on the latest developments, from m- commerce - both online, offline - to mobile money and banking and the latest generation of mobile payment solutions.

Listen to in-depth insights into industry debates and tried and tested technologies from our leading experts. Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015 is a must attend’ event for your industry.

We fully encourage you to make the most of this meeting, join us at Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015. Network with your peers and build the relations which will drive your business forward and make sure you take advantage of our all-new networking sessions to secure meaningful face-time with your key clients. Register now for this ‘must attend’ event as places are booking out fast and strictly limited.

Top Mobile Payment Trends 2015 covered:

1. Will Technology Companies dominate payments – The rise and rise of the non banks in payments? Gain a complete market overview of the non-banks/financial institutions operating now and entering the mobile payments ecosystem.  With Apple Pay already launched in the US and primed for Europe soon – are technology companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and square going to gain the trust of consumers with their mobile payment/wallet, NFC initiatives where bank and mobile operators have failed.
2. Host Card Emulation (HCE) – Red hot or just hot air?  Red hot or just hot air?  Host Card Emulation or HCE for short received instant celebrity status when technology giant Google announced that its operation system Android 4.4 or KitKat will support HCE.  Explore with our experts on why HCE is the breakthrough we need to fully embrace mobile payment.

3. MPOS systems are evolving – it’s no longer just mobile payment acceptance tool  
The MPOS for years hasn’t seem much in terms of technological innovation. However with launch of Poynt in the US recently, are heralding a new era in ‘smart’ MPOS devices? With Poynt raising the bar in MPOS device which allows developers build solutions for merchants which can include apps with features like CRM, employee management, loyalty etc

4. Examining the potential of mobile payments to drive adoption of the unbanked
The blurring of mobile payment, mobile transfer, mobile wallets and mobile banking has bought new exciting opportunities for companies. Can all this help with the mass adoption of mobile payments? Our experts will deliver some compelling arguments and proposals will examine how by addressing the previously unbanked consumers will in turn drive adoption of mobile payments.ce of change.

5. The future is Tokenization
Tokenization has opened up more opportunities for companies. Tokenization technology replaces sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all crucial information about data without compromising security.

Top Reasons to Attend

1. Networking with decision makers – over 20 hours – meet key decision makers, movers and shakers and network with prominent members of your industry.

2. The ‘must attend’ and the most important mobile money payment event of the year.

3. 20 + super star speakers discuss the most important issues. Only the best of best are invited.

4. Learn the most pressing issues from your industry from our experts.

5. Strike up partnerships with leading companies including banks, processors, technology partners, technology providers, MNO and many more.

Who should attend?

· Payment Processors

· Banks


· Technology Providers

· MPOS Suppliers

· Loyalty Programme Suppliers

· IT Service

· Marketing Specialists

· Retailers/ Merchants

· Content owners and developers

· Mobile Network Operators

· Mobile Handset Manufacturers

· Transport Operators

· Card Issuers

· Acquirers

· Smart card manufacturers

· SIM card Manufactures

· POS Terminal Providers

· NFC /RFID technologies providers

· System Integrators

· EMV solutions

· Industry Associations

· Standards Institutions

· Mobile Wallet

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